Friday, 8 September 2017

Redditch Pietà

Then musings, involving the Muse coyly,
tergiversations that Dagon decreed.
Such “clandestinities”
in yellowed, sallow mud
and yew berries plucked
with trembling hands.
Does this mean anything?
Does meaning entail
existence after Clothus?
The declivities at Rorke’s Drift
and Bromhead’s prayerbook
discovered in a putrid scuttle.

A cluster of ice crystals
assembling in Euclid’s
perpendicular felicity.
When Orpheus returned
for pert Eurydice was the lute
declavinated by the jilts he saw?
Dryden and Bonhoeffer
dancing in the spring twilight.
Is the weight of sin to be alleviated,
levity, levitation, Leviathan and Lithium?

Can I buttonhole you
without the momentum of
the Resurrection and the choirs
of rain sweeping the relief
of the Malvern hills?
Flagitious amusements sped by Tryphon.
Only allow it to happen -
Cavilling will result in disaster
and the face upturned
to salvation.

Follow the perorations of
my mind and set down
the snow-field transected by
crows spilling in the wind
amid the crumbed earth.
The soundless howl
Of a disconsolate mythopeia.
Carillons of agape
Thwarted, stifled by
Arrested motion.
In Bacon’s agonia.
Eureka in the woods!

Callisthenics from a grumbling old fart.
Mithering peradvanture.
Laughing contrast between
the Council of Nicea
and an affidavit served
on the clouded Meuse in spring!
Nel mezzo……
Tradition and the Individual talons
or E.M.F and his battalions?

Borgne et manchot in Gaza,
Ch – Ch- Charbovari.
Terre and terroir misconfigured.
Jean Moulin spatchcocked on the tree
before he pulled down the columns
by dying.
Charisma coelis.
A city transfigured by
The chrism of doodlebugs and zeppelins.
Herniated hallelujiahs.


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