Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Royal Wedding - Until We See Them

We (which, of course, includes me) are all too modern and sophisticated to be duped by the deceiving attractions of the institution of marriage, religion, architecture, music, ceremony, military pageantry and Royalty. And then we see them and find ourselves gawping and weeping because they touch the most profound instincts. I'd rather trust those instincts (often driven by the visual and the auditory) than the superior and purely intellectual notions that tempt us to despise them.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Degrees for all Policemen - A Confidence Trick Played on them by People who Secretly Despise Them?

Common policing, nursing, even office cleaning have their own nobility. They are part of life's miraculous ordinary. In spite of this some people doubt it and secretly despise such professions. These people fall over themselves to show this is not the case by ennobling them with spurious degree and 'expertise' status. In thus spreading degree status everywhere they pull down and debase something that is supposed to designate intellectual distinction (which they can't imagine actually exists) to serve the purpose of spreading equali'y. This process is profoundly patronising and insulting. It cons policemen by appealing to their assumed stupidity and vanity. Incidentally, it will also make vast sums for universities and loan companies and make politicians look as though they are actually doing something.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Their raison d'ĂȘtre - to be an irritant

THE "PROBLEM" OF THE JEWS They and their presence in the world are truly a stumbling block. If you reject religion and consider it to be unscientific, primitive and irrational you won't even address the problem they present because you will simply dismiss them as primitive and irrational. They assert their right as free people to say that they are living proof of the existence of a single God and that that is their very raison d'ĂȘtre. In that sense they can't not say that. That act of saying is an offence to many and disturbs many to the point of wishing them harm. The jews would say that is because it was meant to disturb people; that the idea of God is meant to disturb and change things. The question is, can we allow them the freedom to walk around saying this? Can we tolerate it? That's as big a question as the question of free speech. This is the real problem of the jews.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Geoffrey Hill again

Why do I feel Geoffrey Hill's poems as an intrusion? He seems to make a scholarly annexation of reality and history and to say 'You cannot be trusted to apprehend it unadulterated and direct without my mediation and my guidance.' I can only enjoy his poetry, it seems to me, on condition that I accept an unmannerly interposition of himself between me and reality. I can't help objecting to this at a very intuitive level.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Is Normal "A Thing?"

Listening to a media largely obsessed with the abnormal and aberrations one might doubt that there is such a thing as normal - in statistical terms and in terms of the apparent intentions of biology. There are practically no forums in which it is stated what normal is, or where it is confirmed or celebrated. The human mind needs a conception of the normal in order to understand properly the nature of what diverges from that norm and to make sane judgements about such things. It cannot function in a vacuum with no parameters. The intellect, in that sense, is spatial and needs landmarks.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A Differentiation: Diametrically Opposed Ways of Thinking about Assad

Modern Liberals may not wish to acknowledge it but both Liberals and Conservatives notice injustice and both are moved to disapproval when they witness it and would prefer that it did not occur (these days it is endlessly and clamorously brought to our attention by News outlets in many forms). What happens next, though, is what differentiates them. To illustrate this let’s take the case of President Assad of Syria and let’s assume he commits unjust acts such as using chemical weapons against women and children.  The Modern Liberal reaction to this will be to demand that his tyranny is punished at some future date in an international court of Justice thus correcting the world with appropriate retribution and restoring it to a default setting where justice is in good balance. The problem that the conservative sees here is that, having somehow captured Assad, in spite of the aid given him to resist such capture by his Iranian and Russian allies, notions of perfect justice would require us to move on to the next tyrant (and there will be plenty) and, from there, to more petty tyrants who reign in lesser institutions than those of Nation States around the world, from Corporations to prisons, school and supermarkets until they have imposed a perfect reign of justice in the world. To ensure that no stone is left unturned, eventually, one will have to attempt to root out the tyranny gene in each individual and even in ourselves. It is at this point that we notice what the real problem is in this way of thinking. It is thinking that exists on an airy platform in a notional mental desert far from the real suboptimal world and completely untethered from that world. It is totally and laughably impracticable when taken to its logical conclusion. The problem with the Liberal’s thinking is that it has no connection with reality. Of course, merely to suggest this, is to open oneself to accusations of complacency and not noticing or caring about injustice. A better remedy to the problem of the lack of justice in the world might be to approach the problem in a way that turns the problem on its head. Take the smallest unit of human reality available – yourself. Then look at the elements of tyranny that lodge there and seek to root them out. This is a bottom up approach that reverses the top down Liberal version that looks from the notional mental platform onto injustice in distant foreign lands and loftily demands instant redress (it might be added that that lofty consciousness assumes almost as a matter of course that it is totally and antiseptically uninfected by the tyranny microbe). As more and more people take the conservative approach which I suggest society slowly improves and is a greater force for good in the world likely to be able to correct the small (and increasingly large) injustices that occur in its own back yard. This effect would then, slowly spread out into the world. You could say that, in a way, this is what happened in history with the gradual spreading of the respect for the rule of law that began in countries like the United Kingdom way back in history.

Monday, 9 April 2018

The Enclosure of Knowledge

This process resembles a process once enacted in the area of farming.  Common land was ‘enclosed’ by wealthy men so that they alone could reap the benefits of farming it. In current times the 'enclosure' is of knowledge itself. Once an area is enclosed by fencing it off and corralling it in order to exclude the peasants, who are stripped of the authority required to comment, it can then be farmed and monetised. The ‘experts’ who arrogate to themselves the right to do this, of course, begin with exactly the same basic intellectual equipment as anyone else. Many of their kind reside in Universities.