Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Passwords -

Our Obsession

We do not live on an airy, cerebral and ‘spiritual’ platform from which we occasionally descend to conduct and wallow shamefacedly in the messy business of sex. We live and swim permanently in the element of sex. We are never out of it while we are alive. This is vital not least because sex is the currency in which human love is transacted and on which it depends and it is also the origin of life itself and allows the extension of our love into family.

To insist on the primacy of the cerebral and spiritual is to insist on a kind of puritanism which is remote from love. It is to consider the sexual side of our nature as, in some manner, beneath us and worthy of being looked down upon. Perhaps this explains our peculiar periodic obsession with the sins of paedophilia and harassment. These obsessions conveniently associate sex and crime and allow us to censure and castigate the dangerous sexual in ourselves by proxy. They 'prove' how perilous sex is and, for some reason, we need such an affirmation. Just a British thing?

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Death Re-engineered

Transhumanists are gathering;
They’re going to ‘solve’ mortality,
They’re equably envisaging
'Disrupting' Death’s finality.

Decay for them is just passé,
Corruption - child’s play to defeat,
Caducity soon démodé,
And trade in coffins obsolete.

It’s negligible sum senescence
Through cell replacement they pursue,
Their noble dream rejuvenescence;
Give great Saint Biotech it’s due!

It’s they who’re in the driving seat,
They’re circumventing Death’s decree;
What God ordained. A minor feat
Replacing him as referee.

The can-do Californians know
That thousand-year-old humans walk
Among us now – that here below,
Too soon, we’ll hear immortals talk

To us. And those who doubt this fact
Deserve our pity. Once transitioned
From frailty, we’ll remain intact;
Time’s wingèd chariot decommissioned.

I’m reassured I’ll live forever,
For I believe publicity
That vows I won’t from life dissever -
This saving hand saves those like me!

These Tech Messiahs laugh at doubt
And reimagine aging. They
Can boast Nick Bostrum, Kurzweil, tout
Naam, and, ironically, de Grey.

(He’s fifty one so it’s too late
For him to scorn that final sting.
Like some he’s sure to terminate,
And, therefore, charity’s his thing.

The Grail – 'Longevity Escape
Velocity' - eluded him.
He chairs METHUSELAH; the shape
Of things to come so much less grim.)

Ironic too, that surname - Kurzweil,
(He’s chief High Priest of Cybertech)
Betokens “linger just a short while.”
(He’ll upload brains to highest spec).

All vitrified in nitrogen,
Perfused with cryogen-protectants
Is how he hopes to meet his end,
And thus augment his life’s expectance.


Far from the Valley, worlds from this,
In shanty towns like Dharavi,
Few there have heard of deathlessness
Or boons of gerontology.

For solace here they misconceive
That love alone transcends all grief;
The Messiahs know the true reprieve
Turns on a scientist’s belief.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Strange to choose...

Strange to choose poetry which invests so much in the meaning of words and then to use those words to prevent the communication of meaning.


If my words' meaning you don't heed
Why would I write, why would you read?

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Words mean what they mean

Words mean what they mean and there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot curtail or limit them. Once on the page they will do what they will.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Heads in a Jar - Futurama

Rationalism, that abstract pinnacle from which the utopian progressive dreams of socialism, liberalism and Marxism are conceived, forgets that it only came to consciousness in a biological body, a human family and a human society all of which pre-existed it. These things all mean that it emerges already subject to constraints or obligations. These “constraints” can be seen as chains or, alternatively, as those things which should most be celebrated and enjoyed in the human condition. Rationalism thinks there is nothing which has to be “accepted” as a given before it begins to operate. It simply exists, summoned spontaneously and mysteriously in the snap of two fingers, into that existence, in an abstract space and operating as an utterly free agent. It is a disembodied and, thus, "free" mind that then insists on spurious freedoms.